The Cost of Cool Sculpting

The cost of CoolSculpting varies on a patient-by-patient basis.  It is dependent upon your goals for fat elimination, the number of treatments your goals require, and the specific areas that you are hoping to target.  In order to establish your price, you will need to discuss your goals with Dr. Klein, a licensed CoolSculpting surgeon in Charlotte.  After agreeing upon the number of treatments and the areas that you believe most demand the CoolSculpting procedure, Dr. Klein will determine an estimated price for your treatment.  He will ensure that your CoolSculpting process is individualized for your personal goals and needs.

“Procedure by Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour”

In some cases, Dr. Klein might recommend only one treatment for meeting your goals, as it is common for patients to see a noticeable reduction of fat after a single visit.  If, however, you find that you necessitate more treatments than one, Dr. Klein and the Your Renaissance team will be happy to assist you to determine the appropriate number of additional treatments.

For many cosmetic surgeries, a different “price” is paid: the price of surgical scarring.  With CoolSculpting, there are no knives, there are no incisions, and it is a non-surgical procedure, making it one of the most minimally invasive fat elimination procedures to date.  Additionally, what makes CoolSculpting really cool is that its freezing methods target the fat beneath the skin, leaving your skin as healthy and fresh as ever! 

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Klein and the Your-Renaissance team to discuss your goals for fat elimination and to learn how CoolSculpting can benefit you.

David F. Klein, M.D., CONCORD, NC

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to know all you can about that physician’s medical training and accomplishments. Our plastic surgeon, David F. Klein, M.D., has years of experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for both men and women. He underwent rigorous testing to demonstrate his medical knowledge and earn certification by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

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Renaissance Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the CoolSculpting procedure to all of our patients. This new procedure performed in our office is the latest in body contouring science.

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