So How Does CoolSculpting Work

The CoolSculpting process is an easy one, especially in comparison to the preparation, surgery, and recovery times required by most cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Klein, a licensed CoolSculpting plastic surgeon in Charlotte, will first welcome you for a consultation.  In this consultation, he will discuss your goals for fat elimination through CoolSculpting, as well as determine if you are a qualified candidate.  During the consultation, he will assist you in deciding how many treatments you will necessitate to meet these goals.  After the consultation, the only decision left for you to make is the scheduling of when is most convenient for you to undergo the CoolSculpting procedure.  Many patients find that their lunch break is the ideal time, as they can complete the procedure, returning to their daily schedule with ease.

The procedure itself is non-surgical and very minimally invasive.  Unlike other procedures, there is no knife, incision, or risk of surgical scarring.  On top of all of that, there aren’t even lasers or sonic waves, both of which can lead to damaged tissue, due to the fact that they burn.  To fight the burn, CoolSculpting has taken a different approach.  Instead, it focuses on your fat cells by freezing them away, through a targeted cooling process that eradicates fat cells from underneath the skin.  This makes much more sense because, after all, isn’t the area under the skin where the fat resides?  Why would you target, and potentially damage, non-fatty tissue?

Once the freezing process is complete, the fat cells die and are naturally eradicated from your body.  This process only takes a few months for complete results, and recovery time is very minimal.  This makes it very easy to incorporate CoolSculpting into your busy life because, between work and time with family, who has time for anything else?

After the procedure is complete, all you have to do is continue with your healthy lifestyle, of wholesome eating and quality exercise, and you are sure to keep the fat off for long-term results.


David F. Klein, M.D., CONCORD, NC

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to know all you can about that physician’s medical training and accomplishments. Our plastic surgeon, David F. Klein, M.D., has years of experience performing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for both men and women. He underwent rigorous testing to demonstrate his medical knowledge and earn certification by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

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Renaissance Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the CoolSculpting procedure to all of our patients. This new procedure performed in our office is the latest in body contouring science.

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